Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow

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Haunting Hidden Object Fun!

  • Timed and Relaxed modes
  • Sinister storyline
  • Creepy haunted environments
  • Discover the fate of the freakish residents!

Discover the secrets of Sleepy Hollow and the legendary Headless Horseman in this haunted hidden object game. Investigate the freakish residents and witness their fate at the hands of the Headless Horseman. Use your object hunting skills to unravel the story of famous characters like Ichabod Crane and his beloved Katrina.

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Mystery Legends™: Sleepy Hollow Reviews

Featured Player Review

Great Game!
By Jenny
January 27, 2009

Relaxed mode! Good atmosfere, great music and SFX, nice enviroments, good amount of hints


Maybe the mini-games too easy and repetitive


This is what a HO game should be like! Nice crispy graphics, nice locations with good atmosfere and I love the music and SFX. The little stories are fun and well done too. Thank heavens that this game has relaxed mode! I don't like being rushed at all. Getting a silhouette for the items is great too, specially for those whom don't speak english as their native language. It's a great help! The game to me was not to easy and not too hard, just right. For those who say some scenes are too dark, it's not the game, it's your monitor settings I think :-) I had no problems at all with the game being too dark. Good game, 5 stars!

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